Neurodynamics Refers to the Communication Between Different Parts of the Nervous System and to the Nervous Systems Relationship to the Musculoskeletal System

Neurodynamics is a Way of Decreasing the Amount of Tension Creating on the Peripheral Nerves

This approach is commonly used for the treatment of plantar fasciitis, golfers and tennis elbow, carpel tunnel and other numbness or tingling felt in the arms or legs.  Pioneered by a Physical Therapist named Michael Schachlock his approach to musculoskeletal conditions from a nerve perspective has immensely improved the outcomes of patients when the nerves are address different from the muscles. 

Any Health Condition Involving a Pinched Nerve Can Benefit From Neurodynamic Techniques

Essentially, neurodynamics lets our chiropractors treat the issue at its core, much like how chiropractic care relieves pain by adjusting the spine’s position. With no medications or invasive measures involved, you can depend on this safe, effective pain management method. 

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